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Credit Card Processing as low as 1.5%, ask us how!


Business to Business

Driving new Revenue Verticals to our members

Repairs First Association is committed to driving revenue to our members via relationships with National Insurance Carriers, Finance Companies, and large Corporations! Under the RFA banner our members gain legitimacy as a RFA certified Repair Shop.


AKKO is a modern and tech forward way to protect your phone and other devices. AKKO and Repairs First have partnered together to provide a vetted and approved community of local repair shops offering the highest quality and procedure on phone and device repairs. 

AKKO’s App allows users to protect their phone & 25 other devices from accidental damage, failure, theft, and loss*. 

Repairs First vets, approves, and supports AKKO’s local repair shop network.

Just because you're in business for yourself, doesn't mean you have to do it alone!