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Our Mission: Franchise Level Support, without the franchise fees

Save money on parts and services and get exclusive access to valuable support and training.

If you are in the repair industry, this is a necessity for a successful repair business. 

All Included; Benefits of Being an RFA Member

The average RFA member increases their margins by $3,000 PER MONTH or more!

3%-15% Discount with over 50, vetted vendors for parts, accessories, devices, marketing, and more! RFA Has the buying power, join our over 900 members!

Special access : AKKO Device Protection and Claims, Consumer Financing options with Olympus & RTO to finance devices and repair, PLUS a FREE GRE ticket annually and more!

Professional Training Videos (NOT YouTube videos) for all topics your shop needs; repair, refurb, micro soldering, new hire training, sales, operations and more! With CellBotics and Other Trainers.. Even white label for multi unit owners!

1-on-1 Business Coaching with the founders, people who started the industry. Monthly Mastermind calls with other repair shop owners and techs, access to our Private Facebook Groups and More!

Who are we?

At Repairs First, we are a unique association formed by Founder & C-Level Executives from one of the pioneering CELL PHONE REPAIR franchises in the USA.Our mission is to unite industry experts and deliver unparalleled information and support to our valued members. Unlike any other platform in the industry, Repairs First is dedicated to providing comprehensive expertise that goes beyond device repairs.While mastering the art of device repair is attainable for many, we recognize the importance of successfully managing and growing your company, cultivating a strong team, fostering community connections, and much more. This is where the Repairs First Team truly excels, providing you with the tools and guidance to thrive in all aspects of your business.

Membership Benefits

Average members increases their margins by $3,000 PER MONTH!

CellBotics Online Training platform

Access hundreds of hours of training curated for your particular niche

Protection Plan program access

Get repair jobs from claims and sell plans for a new revenue stream

Discounted parts and accessories

Save 2-5% from our 10+ partners

Classes and training

Learn new skills to help grow your business

Discounted marketing and design services

Elevate your brand

Medical and insurance benefits access

Pay less get more

Looking to add a new revenue stream to your business?

The Repairs First Association is AKKO’s exclusive provider of vetting and quality assurance for their North American repair shop network. By becoming a member of Repair First, you’re automatically admitted into the AKKO authorized repair provider network!

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Message from the Board Members

Our Mission

We want all consumers to think, in terms of electronics, repair is first, recycle & replace second.  This is vital to the electronics repair industry, but it starts with repair shops that operate with professionalism, integrity, and industry knowledge; so Repairs First was created.  


Our Mission is to help the entire electronics repair industry operate their businesses in a way that helps the owner, team, and community that the store serves. Join Repairs First Association and we help you in return with Buying Power, Operations Support, Technical & Sales Training, Parts Discounts, and other products and services including Health Care! We even send you business through our B2B Partners!  Join our association to save & make more money!


We are the Electronic Repair industry’s first Association designed to bring a real voice and co-operative buying power to Electronic Repair Shops throughout the USA and the rest of the world.

Repairs First Association

RepairsFirst is here to support repair shops.  No matter what your shop needs are..  tech support or operations, we are here to help you. PLUS! You get amazing deals from a wide range of industry respected companies.

Our Blog

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Elevating Repair Shop Success: The Crucial Role of Training with RFA

Repairs First Association’s commitment to training empowers repair shops to reach new heights of excellence, ensuring that they not only survive but thrive in a rapidly changing market. Embrace the power of training with RFA and take your repair shop on a journey towards unparalleled success, join today!

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